A Life in the Slow Lane

Fellow Travellers

Undoubtedly the greatest resource for inspiration and information regarding travelling by motorhome are personal blogs.


Forums such as MMM, the Caravan Club and in our case the Hymer Owners Facebook Group  are useful for asking very specific questions, but if you read a good blog it can be both enjoyable, inspirational and a source of virtually all the information you could possibly need. These are people who are on the road year in year out – doing it and encountering the same issues you will face. It is useful to have somewhere to make a note as you come across something useful as you read through the blog. A pretty random list of interesting information I have gleaned from blogs can be found here.




For me the most readable and entertaining of the motorhoming blogs is OurTour, written by Jason and Julie from Nottingham. They took a career break in their early 40s to do a year travelling in their motorhome Dave, but found their funds went further than they envisaged and they spent 2 years travelling extensively in Europe and North Africa.


After returning home to Nottingham they determined to make changes to their lives to enable them to become financially independent so that they could travel as and when they liked. Barely 2 years later, with hard work, clever investment and lifestyle changes they reached their goal in 2015 and have started travelling again in their new Hymer called Zagan.




Barry and Margaret’s site is undoubtedly the most comprehensive blog and website for information on travelling in Europe. They have been travelling more or less full time for 20 years all over Europe and North Africa by both caravan and motorhome. I find the blog posts a little less interesting than OurTour and their site is so vast that I have not read it all, but it is a must stop website for anyone planning to tour by motorhome.




Other blogs I have read extensively and learned much from are:

Bumble  Craig, Joanne and Peanut’s adventures around Europe were originally in the form of PDF files, but they now have a website. Joanne’s writing is comprehensive and Craig’s photos and his technical tips, excellent.

Eurotouring– Matt and Jo are a young couple who took time out of work to travel extensively. They have now stopped travelling full time, but you can come across them at motorhome shows because they are the people behind the excellent iboost wifi system and other products.

Woolly Wanderers – This is a great blog, especially for those with dogs. This couple travel extensively with their three poodles Cleo, Eric and Nellie.

Heidi Hymer – Peter and Elaine are virtually full timing it in their Hymer.

Motorhome Adventures – Dan and Esher quit work young and are fans of outdoor pursuits.

Steve Green Photography – Steve and Lorna are travelling and blogging their way around Europe with their dog Jack. This blog, not surprisingly is very good for its photography.

Jenny and Ewout’s Exploits – Jenny and Ewout are a couple of Australians who leave their motorhome with a  friend in the Netherlands while they go home for the Southern Hemisphere summer and then return to tour Europe each Northern Hemisphere summer. What a life!! In my map of overnight stops I refer to them as the Kangaroos.

Me, You and Pogo Too – Dave and Cathy have just started their travels around Europe with Pogo their Dethleff motorhome.