A Life in the Slow Lane

World Heritage Sites


This map sets out all the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the areas of Europe most frequented by motorhomes. The colour codes is:

  • Red – for specific UNESCO sites
  • Blue – for generalised or multiple locations, such as the much used “Cultural Landscape of ..”
  • Green – for natural sites, such as national parks, mountains etc.

I have excluded North Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, Belorussia and Russia, because although sometimes visited by motorhomers, we will be several years before we visit any of these and at the moment I would suggest Tunisia and parts of the Ukraine are just not safe.


The UNESCO site’s GPS co-ordinates use varying formats, which I have just copied. Some of the GPS co-ordinates were inaccurate, sometimes very, and I have corrected these where I could.
The Blue pins are for a general location or multiple sites covered by one designation. Sometimes it is just an area, with not specific site to visit, in other cases there are numerous sites covered by one designation. In the latter case you will need to look in you guide books for the specific sites. The UNESCO site just gives one GPS co-ordinate which sometimes is for one of the sites and on other occasions is just generally in the area where the multiple locations are situated.