A Life in the Slow Lane

Meet the Family

7th October 2017 published 9th October 2017

Lula, Noah, Beatrice, Sarah, Tim, Joe and of course Melek and Mabel

My brother and his family were caught in heavy traffic around Brussels and finally arrived at Camping Krounebierg at 9.30 pm. Luckily this was not a British Caravan Club site where any arrival a second later than the 8pm deadline is refused entry. The Camping Krounebierg staff kindly kept the reception open until they arrived.

I had prepared a simple pasta dish which could be finished off at short notice, so once they had settled in to their tiny and flimsy mobile home, we all crammed into Basil for food and stayed there, chewing the fat until the early hours.

We have had evenings with four people in Basil before, but this was the first time we had hosted a meal for 6, and although it was cosy the clever manoeuvrable Hymer table made it eminently practicable.


In the morning we breakfasted together and Beatrice, who used to rock climb in the area, suggested an place she knew, near the village of Berdorf, which would be good for a walk. It turned out to be one of the best walks we have done this trip, which goes to show how useful local knowledge is.

The walk

The whole area around Berdorf is forested but also has a series of rock outcrops, some in the form of pinnacles. So we undertook a seven kilometre walk which consisted of sometimes walking at the bottom of these outcrops and at other times on top of them. There were a few tight squeezes between rocks and Noah, Lula, Beatrice and Sarah explored a cave.

The walk

The trees are of course now turning orange, and so from the top of the rocks the views were lovely. We all chatted and caught up on family news as we walked.

Back at the campsite we decided to eat in Joe and Beatrice’s mobile home, which was bigger than Basil. We shared the cooking, drank some great Belgian beers and drank wine, including some of the very nice St. Joseph I had picked up from the vineyard a few days earlier.

I knew we had a long drive in the morning so we parted company just before midnight, much to Joe’s frustration as I think he was on for another early morning job!