A Life in the Slow Lane

On the Bonny Bonny Banks

Do not fear I will soon run out of my entire collection of Scottish based songs and then the post titles can return to normality!

Last night we caught a bus from just outside our “aire” in St. Annes for the four mile trip to meet up with Steve and Jan at our old hunting ground – The Queen’s Hotel in Lytham. Nostalgia immediately reared it’s head when the waitress asked us if we had been to the Queen’s before. I said “no” and then corrected myself and said “yes I’ve been many times before, but my last visit was more than 40 years ago!”

Steve and Jan arrived and we had a great evening catching up with each other. Steve retired from British Aerospace some years ago and he and Jan seem to travel even more than we do. We swapped stories about various countries we had each visited and before we knew it three and a half hours had passed and it was time to go our separate ways. What a great evening.

Jan, Steve and us in The Queen’s

This morning, conscious of the 10 am deadline for leaving the “aire”, we were up early for us. Sarah took the dogs for a long walk on the beach and then after breakfast we were on our way up the M6, inexorably northwards.

The motorway finally ran out in Glasgow and we crawled through the city’s heavy traffic – the last conurbation of any size we are likely to see for a few weeks. Eventually we popped out of the north side of Glasgow and into the Scottish countryside as we headed for a small CL close to Loch Lomond.

Loch Lomond and the beginning of the Highlands

As we parked up on the CL (56.078539, -4.518759) (£12 a night including electricity) we immediately had great views of the beginning of the Scottish Highlands. Although the cloud is quite low we have great views over Loch Lomond out of Basil’s front window and fells all around. Unfortunately, being a bank holiday weekend, we can only stay here for one night, so we have yet to decide where to head tomorrow. It is enough at the moment to sit and take in the views and be amused by the frisky lambs which are in the fields adjacent to us.

Basil with Loch Lomond