A Life in the Slow Lane

Red Deer Galore

The last two days on the Morvich campsite have been days of contrast. Yesterday was all low cloud and drizzle and today has been unbroken sunshine.

Glen Kintail yesterday

Glen Kintail today

As a result yesterday we were fairly inactive, doing some administration and reading. We did get out and walked a couple of miles up the Kintail Affric Way, but the stunning mountain scenery was mostly hidden behind Scottish mist and drizzle. I had some luck with my ongoing birding education, spotting a pair of Goosanders in a nearby river and we both saw some Red Deer, of which there seem to be plenty in the vicinity.

Monarch of the Glen

The campsite is at one end of one of the UK’s wildest natural areas, the Glens of Kintail and Affric. If you walk on the Kintail Affric Trail from here you won’t find any habitation for more than 20 miles! It is usually walked in two days with a stop in a bothy half way. We have met several enthusiastic youngsters who have completed the trip and I asked one couple if they had seen many deer and they said only one until they reached Morvich, where there are dozens. I think the deer prefer the better pasture around our settlement than the harsh moorland. We saw deer in a field of horses this morning, as if the deer were being farmed, but they just hop over the boundary fences at will.

Red Deer

Today, again, we have been out on a couple of decent walks. The first, again, up the first part of the Affric Kintail trail where we were now able to get fantastic views and then we walked to the nearest dog friendly pub. Even though it was just a walk to the pub, the scenery was magnificent and ended with a walk along the banks of a beautiful sea loch.

Our view from the pub

Sarah and I sat in the sunshine, in the pub garden, on our own, ate some food, had a couple of drinks and all with an unbeatable view across a loch to the mountains beyond.

Scotland is certainly living up to our memories of it and pushing Norway hard for the most spectacular scenery we have ever seen. And not a midge in sight – yet!!!

Des Res?

Tonight our neighbours are two adventurous women in their 70’s, each with their own caravan and each with a 700cc motorbike! They decided to pass their motorbike test in their 70s and have since ridden in France and now have 3 weeks riding in the Scottish Highlands.

Tomorrow promises to be even better weather and so we are staying on this site one more night and then who knows where, except it will be further north, with the Outer Hebrides still on the agenda.