A Life in the Slow Lane

Migraine stops play

We ummed and aahed last night about whether to stay an extra day on the La Isla site and didn’t come to a decision. So this morning we did a bit more umming and ahheing and finally came to a conclusion that we would stay an extra day and completely relax. Maybe a bit of swimming, walnut picking and that sort of thing.

So after breakfast we sat down in the morning sunshine, with a cup of coffee, in preparation for a day of doing very little. Unfortunately it was not long before Sarah developed her second migraine of this trip. Sarah’s migraines knock her out for at least 24 hours and sometimes longer. I know other people suffer for much longer, but 24 hours unable to do much except sleep and rest is long enough.

Over the years we’ve considered various suspected causes. Coffee was one possibility and this morning Sarah, unusually, had a coffee, so I suppose that is possible. But she was also using her iPad in the sun and the migraine she suffered earlier in the holiday had coincided with her sitting facing a dazzling setting sun. In other words we don’t know. What we do know is that none of the standard migraine medication makes any difference.

The result has been that Sarah has been in bed most of the day and I have been dog sitting, planning our next few days and reading a novel. Not very riveting from the point of view of writing a blog, I’m afraid.

I haven’t even been able to get a photograph of the spectacular mountains, because although it has been virtually clear blue skies over the campsite, clouds have clung onto the peaks all day. If you are interested in seeing what the view from the campsite is like the campsite website accessed through this link will give you an idea, but the photos are not the greatest.

We are seeing far more British people on campsites than we did on our European journeys last year. During the 2017 journey if I stumbled across a British car or motorhome on a campsite I would go over and say hello, but there are too many now to make that possible, it would probably even seem weird. Maybe it did to the poor British people who I descended upon last year! However we have been parked opposite a British couple for the last two days so I did pop over for a chat today to relieve the monotony.

We are definitely on the move tomorrow so with luck there should be a little more of interest to report tomorrow.